About Styletadka

Creators of quirky products like stationery, t-shirts, coasters, coffee mugs, luggage tags, badges, magnets, planners, memo notepads etc.

Styletadka is joint venture of two brands namely Style Address and Digital tadka. With love for design and an eye for product creation, these two brands quickly merged together to form Styletadka. Our similar ideals, passion to create something different and thirst to expand quickly made us come up with some cool quirky products like stationery items, coasters, coffee mugs, badges, t-shirts, luggage tags etc.

Our designs are inspired by trending themes in current times as well as our day to day lives. So if you are a coffee lover, a travel enthusiast, a hustler, boss lady, movie goer or nostalgic about 90s; you will definitely find something for yourself.

At Styletadka, we love to brainstorm and come up with designs and products adored and loved by all. We cater to individual buyers as well as corporate houses. Be it a single piece order or a bulk order we make sure the design quality presentation of the product is always catchy. We hope you love and enjoy using our products as much as we love and enjoy making them. Enough of reading and time to add some Tadka to your Style today!!! !!!All our products (except for accessories section) are proudly Made in India !!!